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A straight forward, No BS guide to grow your business on Instagram!

Let’s get your Instagram sales strategy mastered in the time that it takes to bake a cake.  

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What's my purpose?


- Chiara Milford ✌️

You've heard ALLL about engagement, engagement, engagement on Instagram.. but how the flip do you get it?  

 Instagram is a social networking platform.. so lets use it that way!  

Let's work together to find out where your virtual best friends hang out so they can learn more about you!  

We want your VBF's (Virtual best friends) to be comment happy who invest in getting to know you!

But what do I get out of the guide?

With the step-by-step guide you will master;

✔️How to create a kickass Instagram Bio  

✔️How to find who your target audience is and HOW to sell to them without being sales-ey  

✔️How to lead your customers on a journey before they work with you  

✔️How to audit your account and your insights  

✔️How to use hashtags to your advantage  

✔️Creating a sales pitch that involves indirect selling  

✔️Strategies that will level up your Insta game  

✔️Creating content that is next level amazing  

✔️Creating stories, IGTV episodes and Insta Live’s  

AND ✔️The benefit’s of creating paid Ad’s  

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Whaa?! Let me grab my guide!

Word on the street is..

  •  I'm stoked I finally know what a funnel is now! - Wonder and Luck
  •  Honestly babe, I think you nailed it. I really did think they were concise, easy to use for busy people because they just got to the point and made you "do activities" to figure it out. - Dilhari , Kiss Me You Fool 
  •  I do find what I have covered so far very useful & worth the money spent so I definitely think you should keep up the good work ! Us "non insta friendly " people need you !!!! - Jane, Wildwood Floral

  • Just got mine and it's awesome! - Lahra, Lala Design

So who's with me?!

Are you ready to stop spinning around in circles when in comes to your Instagram for Business page and convert those followers into customers?!

  •  You don't need a huge budget  
  •  You don't need to spend HOURS reading through hundreds of pages  
  •  I will guide you the entire way through the process from target audience to sales funnels 
  •  I even have a private Facebook page where I keep you accountable  

My No BS Guide is designed to help you reach your target audience and convert them into paying customers.  

This is the deal...

5 bite sized downloadable ebooks.  

You will be able to go through each part in the time it takes to bake a cake. 

Part one: Business Goals, Branding + Target Audience  

Part two: How to correctly audit your account + Hashtag guide  

Part three: Your Instagram strategies, How to read your insights + creating a sales pitch  

Part four: All about the content  

Part five: Stories, IGTV, Live + Facebook Ads  

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Get instant access to all my secrets 

For just $122.00 inc GST *Each book in the bundle is only $24.40 

  You won't get better value for your money with any other ebook series. Simples. 


But who the heck am I?!

I'm Chiara. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband and soon to be 2 dogs!  

 I teach entreprenurs and small businesses how to run a successful business online and share my 5 years of business knowledge so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did!  

I'm obsessed with dogs (can ya tell?!), I LOVE to eat nutella from the jar and my previous business was a wedding furniture hire business. 

I love to hangout and meet new businesses on Instagram where you can also find out a bit more about me!  

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I'm ready!! I want to invest in my Instagram strategy!